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Documenting Pakistan.
To become largest economic/financial database of Pakistan.
To provide economic and financial data to students and professionals for research and analysis in the most simple and computerized form.
To document, computerize, analyse and present economic and financial data of Pakistan.
Watchdog acquires its data from various national and international sources including Ministry of Finance , State Bank of Pakistan , Pakistan Stock Exchange , World Bank  etc.
Unfortunately, only world bank provides quality data. Our national resources mostly provide non-computerized raw data.
Economic Indicators and Country Statistics 4,528,908 Variables 503,212 Rows, 9 Columns
Corporate Activities/Announcements 33,012 Variables 11,004 Rows, 3 Columns
Corporate Financial and Statistical Information 41,943 Variables 451 Rows, 93 Columns
Currencies and Exchange Rates 187,272 Variables 15,606 Rows, 12 Columns
Payouts and Dividends 9,952 Variables 2,488 Rows, 4 Columns
Consumer Prices and Inflation 24,810 Variables 4,962 Rows, 5 Columns
Stock Exchange Data 5,263,810 Variables 526,381 Rows, 10 Columns
Risk-free Rate of Returns (Treasury Bills) Data 3,246 Variables 541 Rows, 6 Columns
Total 10,092,953 Variables 1,064,645 Rows, 142 Columns
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