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?  is leading company of ?  sector listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). It was established in ? . It operates through ?  offices and ?  employees. Its main office is situated in ? , ? , ? . Company has ?  billion shares owned by ?  shareholders. Comapany has market capitalization of Rs. ?   which is ?  % of market capitalization of all companies listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange.
Photo ?
At the end of financial period ? , company earned a net profit after tax of ?  billion rupees which is ?  than last years ?  billion rupees. Company made a revenue of Rs. ?  billion. Change in revenue was ? % as compared to ? % change in net profit after taxes. ?  Company paid taxes of Rs. ?  billion which is ? % of net profit.

During the period, net assets ?  by ? % from ?  to ?  billion rupees. Property, Plant and Equipment changed by ? % from ?  to ?  billion rupees. Cash balance changed from ?  to ?  billion rupees during the year.
Company's performance was as follows when compared to the overall capital market. Earning  per share of Rs. ?  was ?  than KSE-ALL EPS of Rs. ?  per share. Earning per share is an important tool of measuring profitability of a company. It is more suitable and usefull for investors as it reflects their share of profits rather than overall profitability. Another mearsure of performance is profit margin. It is more usefull to management. It shows the amount of profit earned on sales. Profit margin was ? % as compared to ? % of all PSX listed companies. Assets Turnover Ratio is another measurement of performance which indicates the efficiancy of a comany in using its assets to generate profits. It has inverse relationship with profit margin. If profit margin is high, asset turnover ratio must be low and vise versa. Asset Turnover ratio was ?  as compared to a ?  of KSE-ALL.

Now, from invertor's point of view, how much one wants to pay for Rs. 1 in return. To know that, Price Earning ratio is used. In case of this company, an investor has to invest ?  to get one rupee in return. However if they pay ?  to all companies listed at PSX, they can get same one rupee in return.
At the end of period, Return on Equity was ? . It shows the amount of profit earned by company with the money invested by its shareholders. It was ?  than that of KSE-ALL which was ? . Higher ROE is not always good for the organization. If ROE is too high, profitability will be lower as equity financing is expensive compared to debt financing. Debt should be more than equity as much as possible without causing repayment problems or lowering credit rating of company. Similar measurement is Equity Multiplier which measures the company's assets financed by its shareholders. In our case this ratio is ? times as compared to ? times of KSE-ALL.
However financial liverage can be calculated using Debt-Equity (D/E) ratio which indicates how much debt a company is using to finance its assets relative to the value of shareholders' equity. KSE-ALL D/E (D/E of all companies listed at PSX) was ?  as compared to this company's ? . Protection Status