An economy usually comprises of various sectors. These sectors can be defined as:

  1. Primary Sector: Primary Sector includes activates that are directly related to our natural resources such as mining, agriculture, hunting, forestry etc.
  2. Secondary Sector: Secondary Sector includes production and manufacturing related activities such as machinery, equipment, electronics, furniture, paper, bread etc. It involves processing of natural resources acquired in primary activity and their conversion into final product.
  3. Tertiary sector: This sector includes support services for primary and secondary sector such as accounting, health, security, banking, insurance etc.

These sectors are commonly known as Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services Sectors.

Together they form the basic structure of an economy. Over the time, this structure goes through change and an agriculture based country turns into industry or service based country.

These are called structural changes and Pakistan is also going through these changes.

Following data shows that in recent past, production sector of Pakistan saw a major shift from Crop production to Livestock production.

On more macro lavel, Pakistani economy has changed into a Service based economy from Agriculture based economy. Pakistan was originally an Agricultural country but during 1960s, economical structure of Pakistan changed when Service Sector surpased Agriculture Sector in terms of GDP Percentage.

This shift in economic structure can also be seen in terms of exports. Pakistan initially used to export agriculture raw materal but during 1960s, its manufacturing exports surpassed those and continued increasing while the agriculture raw material based exports kept on decreasing. Protection Status